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Seller’s Guide

From listing your home to reviewing multiple offers, choosing the right real estate professional can make all the difference.

A good agent is someone who can guide you through the entire process while keeping you informed with the latest details regarding your property and closing escrow as soon as possible. Let us guide you today!

Showing an Apartment

Get Informed

Every home is different, and your property is no exception. Learning what makes your home special is the first step in pricing your home accurately to close escrow as soon as possible. Our knowledgeable staff will show you just how much your home is worth, how it compares to similar properties on the market, and what you can expect once it has been sold.

Get Noticed

Getting your property noticed is the fastest way to get it sold. By using the latest in real estate and finance technology, buyers can look at your property without ever leaving their couch before submitting an offer. Here are some of our methods for reaching out to the right buyer for you!

  • Virtual Tours

  • Daily Social Media Campaigns

  • Weekly Email Advertising

  • Online Buyer Pre-Approval and Loan Origination

Get Moving!

When it's time to close escrow, lets us handle the details while you start packing! We will keep you updated on the latest developments of your transaction so you can start moving stress free. If you're ready to chat, give us a call today!

How Much Is Your Home Worth?

If you're interested, fill in the form and let's talk!

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